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Living in Grace and Ease: Five Guiding Principles

Submitted by Administrator on Tue, 2009-02-10 08:59. HR Leadership
By :

by Linda Lehtonen

I have practiced as a team process consultant, a facilitator, a trainer, an organization development consultant, a coach and counselor and healer.  Over 30 years of practice in the human services field, I have become very clear what the underlying beliefs and values are that are fundamental to my working with others, and that apply to all of the above practices and all relationships.  In fact, I have come to name them:  Living in Grace and Ease:  Five Guiding Principles and am currently writing a book about them. In many traditions, the number 5 represents love and this is the underlying theme and constant I consider, not only in my work, but also in living my life.

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Rewarding Performance Management

By :

by Robert Smith

Contingent pay is any form of financial reward that is added to the base rate or paid as a cash bonus and is related to performance, competence, skill or service. Contingent pay may be consolidated in base pay, in which case it forms the basis for allowances such as sick pay and for pension arrangements. Alternatively, schemes other than skill or service-related pay may provide for awards in the form of cash lump sum bonuses. The latter arrangement is called ‘variable pay’. It is sometimes referred to as ‘pay as risk’, which has to be re-earned, as distinct from consolidated pay, which is usually regarded as continuing as long as the person remains in the job and performs it satisfactorily (Armstrong & Murlis 2004).

A Big Thank You...
I'd like to personally thank everyone who contributed to this site over the years. I was sad to see it disappear but happy that I was able to recover some of the data and get it back online. I'd also like to take this moment to thank some of my personal mentors in the HR field who've helped get me where I am today. I've known some great people from companies big and small and would like to make mention to a few of them

Abig thank you first of all to Jessica Carols from JustFab who has really helped me with the challenges of HR. She's been one of the classiest HR professionals I have ever met.

I'd also like to thank Jeff who is a guest contributor at Upstart Business Journal, Pete Sanders from A Safer Canadian Workplace, Jessica Mitchell who formerly worked for Business Week and all of the rest of the great people who I've met over the years from online websites such as this.
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